the tree of life and unity

"The tree of life was one of the primary images of the goddess herself, in whose immanent presence all pairs of opposites are reconciled. Growing on the surface of the earth, with roots below and branches above, the tree was the great pillar that united earth with the heavens and the underworld, through which the energies of the cosmos poured continously into earthly creation. The animating spirit that moved within it was the serpent, guardian also of the fruit or treasure of the tree, which was the epiphany of the goddess, that is, the experience of unity."

- from the Myth of the Goddess, Baring and Cashford

I like this quote because it talks about unity not opposites. Many teachings today have underlying assumptions that opposites are a given. I am not convinced that is true - or healthy for us as a race. Very rarely in life is anyone or thing clearly bad, good, white, black, male, female, light or dark.

Having our culture seeped in opposites instead of unity leads down the path of conflict. We are constantly trying to return to unity and aren't sure unity exists as we are taught that everything is opposite. And the very word 'opposite' cleaves the two ideas on either side of it into unresolvable pieces which they are not. But we get told they are in the very use of our language.

Bah humbug! I want to know what happens when you start with unity as a belief. How does that change the way we approach the so-called opposites in our world? Would it change how we interact with each other? Would we be more accepting of each other because our expectations are that all of us can create unity?

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