one cheek or two?

We were having a tickle fest tonight, my daughter sprawling on my lap and giggling like a delighted lunatic. She hid her tummy with her shirt. I tickled my way under. She rolled on her tummy and I tickled my way under to her tummy. This went on for several satisfying minutes of giggling and tickling.

Then she rolled back on her tummy, pulled her jammies all the way up and announced - giggling the entire time - that her tummy was now her butt. So I explored this new butt of hers with my fingers - tickling the entire time - and announced that her new butt only has one cheek so how could it be a butt? Butts needed two cheeks or else how did the farts get out?

She giggled, pulled up her shirt to where her belly button was, pointed to it, and said, 'they come out here!'. At which point, her daddy and I completely lost it and were giggling away with her. Who knew anatomy could alter in such amusing manners?

One small postscript: I was reading her Solstice stories. One of the stories talked about how other religions celebrate on what were pagan holidays like Yule and how many of the old traditions are still used (tree of life, holly). One example was the Christian Jesus and Christmas. She asked me, 'who's Jesus? ' She had no idea who he was. :)

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