There was a wonderful This I Believe segment on NPR today from a man talking about obstacles and how fish use the turbulence in a stream to work their way past it - swimming on the edges of the waves. It was about how things in your life can terrify you and yet you can still go through that fear and use the obstacle to move on in your life.

I feel like this is something I am learning right now. I need to break free of parts of my life and to do that I have to get past obstacles.

A change in perception has to occur. Like the change in thinking one has when you move from thinking about obstacles being like stones around your neck weighing you down to thinking about them stepping stones to where you want to be. Changing one's perception starts with giving oneself permission to think thoughts or do things that one has somehow decided can't be done or are not ok to do or think.

You give yourself permission and that thought is like a rough stone inserted into your thinking patterns. It tumbles about getting its edges worn off as it inserts itself into your thinking and as your thinking interacts with the thought. As the thought starts to merge and move from rough stone to a more polished state, it resonates with different parts of your thinking, changing patterns, creating new ones, altering old ones.

As the stone is polished, it is transformed. As the idea of permission is given space to grow in your mind, your imagination is transformed. Suddenly choices that didn't exist before appear. Paths are considered that did not seem to be available before.
You are transformed from one state of consciousness to the next. The obstacle becomes the stepping stone.

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