and how was your holiday?

I haven't posted for a bit as the holidays subsumed me. I thought about that on the way home from my parents.

I spent Monday cleaning my parents house while my daughter decorated trees and played with Grandma and Grandpa. Spent today cooking and organizing the xmas dinner while most of my siblings showed up, put their contribution on the counter and spent their time chatting and laughing with each other. About the only time I spent having fun was opening presents.

Ironically, my husband garnered all the credit for the turkey that I cooked along with the stuffing and gravy. My siblings all badgered and teased each other at dinner. I was quiet, tired, and dealing with my daughter who was tired and has a cold.

I spent almost my entire time being responsible, practical, and taking care of everything and everyone else whether I needed to or not. While this is fine for my elderly parents who can really use the help, I do not need to take care of my siblings, yet I did. Like I do every time I do xmas. I did not take care of me.

Being aware of this is the first step in the process of changing it. Time to take care of me....

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