to be thankful

This has been a week of taking account of life. A dear friend passed through the veil of death on to rebirth and regeneration. My body has been dealing with the aftermath of a ruptured ovarian cyst and fluid in the abdomen irritating my intestines.

Today I woke up in this house that has just me and three cats in it. My husband and daughter went up to Grandma's without me yesterday. You might be horrified to hear this. Thanksgiving all by yourself?! Yes. And I plan on enjoying every single minute of it! Its very rare I get a few days her all by myself where I am not too ill too function. The pain in the abdomen is receding. I feel cheerful, relieved, and happy. I have much to be thankful for.

For waking up alive
For cats that jump on you at 6am and purr until you smile at them
For being able to watch all six episodes of Dune in one afternoon and evening completely uninterrupted
For a supportive and loving husband
For a wonderful daughter
For the sun that is shining
For the goddess who inspires me and shows me my path
For the god who I have much to learn about
For my circle who worships with me every month
For wolf who walks with me
For bear who stands in the riverof life with the water rushing all about her
For hawk the winged one who sees from far above
For healing of my body
For my friends and family who are my village
For cats who have been taking turns to come in and be with me all day and all night

For that big ball of clay I plan to start playing with right after some breakfast...... :)

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