I was listening to NPR on the way home yesterday to the latest edition of This I Believe. This one is about improvising and making mistakes and discovery.

Which got me to thinking. I want improvising to go from being a small part of my life to being a big part of how I approach things. I want to have time in my life to make it up as I go along.

It happens in little ways already. I was making dinner the other night and my daughter was paging through a toy catalog. She found a fairy treehouse that she wanted. Instead of bugging me about buying it, she showed me the picture and asked if we could build it.

I could have pushed her off and said I was too busy making dinner. But there was this interesting energy she had started. I asked if she had a box we could use to put branches in. She went to look for a box; I went to go get some branches. I sawed up the branches. She got some playdo to put around them. I makes holes with scissors. She put the branches in and used the playdo to stabilize them. Then I got a scarf out and she put it over the branches. Wa-la! We had a treehouse.

Somewhere in all of that, dinner got cooked.

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