birthing what?

My body has been busy the last two weeks.

Two weeks ago my left ovary decided to ovulate. Something it doesn't usually do and when it does, it's very apparent. It calmed down after a couple days.

One week ago, I came home from work and something was decidedly not right in my lower left abdomen. Pain, bloating, and general unhappiness from the intestinal region. After several doctor visits, blood tests, and an ultra-sound I was sent home to rest over Thanksgiving. I made clay critters and felt much better.

Yesterday, I went back to the doctor as I had developed a sinus infection and allergic bronchitis. The internist said I needed a CT scan. In parallel, so did my OB/GYN who now had back the ultra-sound report.

Today I went off to drink 6 glasses of bloody fucking awful Tang-flavored liquid in 1.5 hours. And then they poked a 'power' IV into my arm and sent more crap into my body. My body protested while I awaited the call from the doctor.

The net result of all this is that there is a liquid-filled cyst-shaped mass in my lower left abdomen which is not part of the colon or the ovary. What is it? No one has a clue. I get to go see a surgeon next.

However, nothing is ever that simple. My internal life has been undergoing some major mental and spiritual shifts. Two weeks ago, I got a message that divine feminine energy was finding its way out of me. I keep getting messages about birthing, creativity, weaving a new web of life. All of this is taking place on the left side of my body which symbolically is the feminine side. Perhaps all of this has a lot more to do with spirit then body?

I took out three runes :
naudhiz: need, insufficiency, unreliability of superficial appearances
sowelo: emergence, victory achieved
yera: completion, the natural order, a just reward

Oh, and did I mention that the night of the full moon I was cleaning my big amethyst crystal cone and she stabbed me? Pretty deep cut on my LEFT finger. I felt like I had been injected with crystals. A very shamanic thing to have happen - especially now. Maybe they will find a crystal in that cyst? :) 

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