I follow the path of the goddess. However, not perhaps the goddess that most folks think I follow.

The early creation myths, statues, and artwork we have of the goddess depict a goddess that represented birth, death, and re-birth as an ever-renewing cycle. This was BEFORE the time where the human race learned to fear death.

(Humans learned to fear death ~4000 years ago because of those who brought war with them when they migrated/invaded. More on that in a different post.)

Fearing death changed how we perceive life. It introduced polarity into our view of life and moved our views away from the ever-renewing cycle of life. Light and dark, good and bad, male and female became opposites - and one half of that pair is usually viewed as "negative".

The goddess is not about opposites. All life comes from her. All life returns to her. She is all. There is no polarity as both "sides" of what we now see as opposites are one in her. She is unity. She is androgynous. This is the goddess I worship.

However, I worship her from the place I stand in a society that fears death and breaks up unity into opposites. Who is the goddess for the times we live in now? How does she adapt yet still move us back towards the balance we have lost?

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