cat diets

I had a night out with a bunch of moms last night. Decided to dress up in a fun skirt and top that had sparkles on it. I pulled the top out and discovered that Princess had done it again. The laces on the shirt had been eaten.

Princess is our smallest cat. She long ago discovered that our closet has this shelf hidden behind the top row of shirts and blouses. She will sneak back in there in seconds and become invisible.

She eats bits of shirts when she is back there. Ate part of a cuff on one shirt. I managed to find a doodad to cover the hole. Chewed an inch hole on the bottom of another shirt. That one I turned into a ripped bottom shirt. Ate the border on another shirt which I still have to find some ribbon for.

The latest shirt laced up the back. Fortunately, she only ate the laces. But she ate at least a foot of laces on each side leaving them so short I could not tie them. I had to run all around the house looking in odd drawers to try to find something that I could replace the laces with. Finally found some cord in my sewing stuff.

There is never any evidence that eating my shirts never seems to bother her digestion one iota. There were no bits of laces or any other material. It is however, an expensive habit as she has an unerring ability to choose favorite shirts.

Cats. Love 'em or hate em, they are never boring.

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