Quickening time....

Myths tell us that winter is the time of year when the earth rests and the sun is born again. The symbology of this season is about going into the darkness of the womb to be reborn. The sun is reborn at the solstice. The light starts to return as the days grow longer again.

Right now is the middle of the winter - the period halfway between the sun being reborn and the return of spring. The time when things start to quicken but are not quite out of their winter sleep. The goddess returns to her maiden state at this time.

Its an odd period of the year. You rest, wait, introspect, think. Then slowly you start to notice things shifting just a bit around you. Like little chinks of light coming in. Its makes me restless and impatient yet its still time to drift and wait. Things feel like they are moving like a dollop of honey that is not yet really warm enough to flow.

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