feverish mists

No posts. Been ill with one of those winter flu cold viruses. Sucks big time. Dogs never felt this bad. Been five days and today I hope the fever goes away.

Started in on another book "The Once and Future Goddess" by Elinor Gadon. I haven't yet finished Occidental Mythology but there is so much drinking from the source one can do when treading through the feverish mists of sanity. This book is eminently readable. It walks through the history of the Goddess up through modern times similar to other books but does offer insights and comparisons I have not found elsewhere.

That the sad state our culture is due to patriarchal thinking is of course at the heart of the book. Whats appalling about most of the archeological and mythological records is how much war, agression, and fear of women's "mysteries" (bleeding and bearing babies) turned our culture into a confrontational one. Instead of standing back to back, we scream in each other's faces and try to force each other to believe what we believe.

Reading all these books lays out the patterns that got us here. Clearly, the pendulum needs to swing back to a place more in balance with the earth and masculine and feminine principles. In an odd way, science helps with this. The more we understand the realities of how babies are made, the less people need to fear womens "mysteries".

The worst part of the current patriarchal culture is the stifling of men. We understand the tortures, rapes, and persecutions of women far better then we truly understand how our men and boys have been pressed into one mold and expected to stay there forever. If you are not a warrior, then please don't apply. No wonder men take guns to school and work.

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