Oriental Mythology

I finally finished Oriental Mythology by Joseph Campbell. It was a slog. I was very impressed by the wealth of mythological history that came out of India but to tell the truth, the entire long sections on Buddhism just did not grab me. I am sorry to say they usually put me to sleep. There is only so much one can take of descriptions of how you attain Budda-hood and the levels and flowers and jewels and etc.

The section on Japan was however very interesting especially the connection between Shinto-ism and shamanism which was not explored as much I would have liked. The end section on Tibet and the introduction of communism by the Chinese was chilling and horrific. And I still haven't gotten to the western mythology and witch hunts. Ugh. Some parts I do not look forward to reading.

That said, I have not started number three yet. Am eyeing a book by Mircea Eliade on Shamanism. Or maybe I should read something light for change? :)

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