Atari Video Computer System

I appear to be going through a phase of major clean out. And what do I find first? Demon Attack and Star Voyager. Two video games by Imagic which was a Atari clone game company. I created the bitmaps and animations for these two games and a couple others. Along with those two ancient articles, the Atari console used to play them still in its original packaging.

What does one do with this stuff? Seems silly to continue to store it given its been used maybe once. Ebay? Don't seem to be selling for much there but then I am no ebay expert.

My 5 year old then wandered into my studio and asked what all this stuff was. So I took the Atari console out of the box and attempted to explain that computers did not exist when I was her age. That this was an old computer that hooked up to a TV and you used these odd joystick things to play it. I showed her the pictures of the games and graphics I had created.

Needless to say, she was not impressed. She thought about it all for a while and asked, "you mean there was no pbskids?" I said no. She said wow!

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