The Female Brain

I have a book to reccomend: The Female Brain by Dr. Louann Brezandine.

Its a book that is controversial (there is a scathing review of it on the Amazon site which is however written more as a polemic and does not even address the heart what the book is about.) But having read the book and a variety of the reviews I am still going to highly recommend it.

Why? Because the heart of the book is about explaining how a woman's perception of reality is altered by the hormones coursing through her body during major changes. And the book is excellent at giving you a clue as to why you suddenly feel the way you do. The author states that she writes this because she hopes that by understanding how hormones can alter a women's reality will give women a handle to deal with those changes.

I will warn you - the chapter on teens is both horrifying and gratifying. My response was "oh my gawd, that was me!" I am now making plans on how I introduce these concepts to my daugher. I would have LOVED to have had this info when I went into puberty.

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