a week of good-byes

Monday was the going-away party for one of our directors at work who I really like and respect highly. She is moving to a different part of the company which is the only good part. We had a wonderful party and a roast which yours truly instigated! Chuckle. And really good cake from Prolific Oven. Yum!

Then I heard Thursday morning that one of my aunts had passed away. A gentle yet determined woman, elderly now, who had devoted her life to the Catholic Church as a sister. Ran things like shelters for abused women. No matter what decisions you had made in your own personal life, she always believed in you. For that I will always honor her memory and wish her luck and happiness wherever the spirits take her.

To cap off the week, one of my favorite co-workers told me he was leaving for a new position outside the company. Instead of me mentoring him, its time for him to go elsewhere and mentor others and a be a leader. It feels truly odd to have reached that point of saying that, but its the right thing to do for him. He will be awesome.

We are leaving today for vacation at the beach. Good timing. Some restorative sand castle buiding sounds just about right to me.

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