the latest doings....

Got distracted by work and other things like being lazy. Even so I managed to have some amusing life occurences.

I lost the battery cover to my phone and I have no fucking idea where. How does one do such a thing? Now I have this really dorky looking orange and dark blue obscenity of a phone. Sigh. May have to indulge and either cover the dark blue with fingernail polish and other random bits or go to a site I found and order a new one with a jpg of my choice on it. That latter would certainly be less experimental than fingernail polish I suppose.

My daughter has done another one of those amazing things kids do. In July she started swim lessons. When she started she would not even tolerate getting her chin wet much less putting her face into the water and blowing bubbles. She was terrified of the entire thing. About two weeks ago she had a major meltdown before a swim lesson because she had worked herself into a fit about being so scared. Then two days later figured out that going underwater was fun! That was amazing enough. But then she did on better. Last Sunday we went in for a dip in the afternoon. She put on her swim goggles and announced she was going to swim to Daddy underwater - AND DID SO! Just like that. Been a regular gawd damn fish ever since.

Lastly, which is a bit more esoteric, I kept getting visits from Lizard and finally figured out that there was a message attached. I thanked Lizard and Cat - the energies were intertwined on this one - and now Lizard is has not been back in.

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