Fierce bug hunter...

Cats. Love'em or hate'em, they still bring you presents. Princess is our smallest edition - she is also the fiercest little bug hunter you have ever seen. Stag beetles have been the bug du jour.

Then Saturday there were yells of "salamander" from my 4 year old who was in the living room. Mommy come fast! I did. But the 7 inch long fat alligator lizard was almost faster. Making for under my couch like a speed demon. I grabbed him with a towel and he tried to bite me. Little snot. Didn't he know I was saving his little buns from a life of cat torture! No respect.

Then last night, at 12:15 pm mind you, noises came from the living room waking me up. I trudged out and guess who had another lizard. This lizard was a survivor. Played good dead lizard - after all it was already regrowing one tail. I picked it up with a towel and was trying to discover if it was alive when it popped open one eye at me and shut it again fast. Ok, took it out and put it under leaves as it was cold outside.

Princess meanwhile couldn't figure out what had happened to her lizard. Now thats cat torture. Teehee.

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