My Background

I’m a native Californian who loves to travel to wild places, anywhere from Monet’s Gardens in France to Death Valley National Park and all the places in between. I take my paints and art bag with me everywhere I go. 

I studied painting with American Master painter Sue Hoya Sellars who first taught me sumi-e; she was taught by her teacher, Lenore Thomas Straus. My background includes a M.A. in Women’s Spirituality, 21 patents from hi-tech land, and I’m an Intentional Creativity Teacher & Coach and work with the founder of the IC movement, Shiloh Sophia. 

My creative practice… 

Most mornings I get up early, in the dark and head out to the local  Palo Alto Baylands which is a bird sanctuary and wetlands not far from my house. I try to get there before sunrise so I can watch the clouds and hear the birds waking up. Other days I head for the coast and tide pools or up a trail. Wherever I go, in my pockets I have my trusty sketchbook and sumi-e pens. 

As I walk, I ground down into the earth and open my heart to whatever wants to be painted or sketched. When something calls to me, I stop and listen with my heart. Before I begin to paint, I connect to the essence of what I see, what is called the “chi”, the life or breath contained in the tree, a rock or a sea shell before me.

I allow this essence to flow through my heart, the end of the brush and onto the paper. In this way, I activate the right and left sides of my brain which moves me into a place of inspiration. I “write” what I see, then I ask what words want to be written, and sign and date the piece. Then I whisper a word of thanks and continue on my way. 

I create with the intention of honoring the earth upon whom I walk as well as providing opportunities for others to step into a deeper connection with their heart and their planet.