I invite you to come along with me on an adventure into nature.

To pick up your sketchbook and pen,
or look over my shoulder as I open mine.

To find wildflowers and devil rocks and deer bones with me.

To allow words to arise from your heart 
and flow down through your pen into the paper.

To create prayers to the earth. 

Sumi-e is all about connecting to the ch’i, or life essence, of what you are drawing. This connection to ch’i deepens your connection to the earth and opens up a conversation with the earth. There is an asking and listening that happens.

When you engage in this intentional conversation, what you see with your eyes moves through your heart to your hand and out the tip of your brush to the paper and into form.


Earth Prayers Online is a 6 week class teaching you how to create earth prayers of your very own. 

Paintings. Watercolors.  Greeting Cards. Prints. Come take a peek into the galleries. 

Sue sketching on the Seine River in Paris, 2014

Committing ourselves to a daily creative practice is a key piece of staying in touch with and feeding our own creative source. 

I carry my notebook and sumi-e brush pen with me everywhere I go, whether it’s a cactus filled  desert, sandy beach, muddy trail, or the grocery store. 

I teach this practice this practice in a way that allows you can carry it with you wherever you go. 

Sue Hoya Sellars, our Art Matriarch, is the one who planted the seeds for Intentional Creativity. She took us on nature walks every chance she got. She was a wise and wise-cracking artist who was also the protege of Lenore Straus Thomas, a stone sculptor from the 1930s. Lenore taught Sue the art of sumi-e, ancient chinese brush painting. Sue passed on this practice as it was taught to her. 

My artwork ranges from intentional sumi-e paintings to watercolors to large canvases of visionary beings. Many of the paintings I do are done on the trail, in the plein air fashion. 

I post my Earth Prayers paintings on social media on a daily basis; follow along

Come wander through my artwork galleries HERE.

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